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Nurse Assistant

 Asistente de Enfermería

High School
Completion Diploma

Students who enroll in the Nurse Assistant Program are taught the theoretical aspects in a regular classroom setting, practice patient-care skills in the school’s laboratory or guided off-campus assignments, and engage in supervised patient care in clinical environments to master the techniques and procedural skills that are required for effective employment.  Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a diploma from New Start School and are eligible to take the clinical and written examinations conducted at our school and clinical sites by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.


General Education
Development Program

The Phlebotomy program is a 230 hour program. The length of the program is 8 weeks for day classes and 15 weeks for night classes.  The student will show to become proficient in the entire task areas related to phlebotomy, and will be prepared for employment possibilities in hospitals and other health-care facilities.  The graduate will perform laboratory and phlebotomy skills that include phlebotomy procedures.  Identify human body systems and functions and know safety regulations.  They will work within the code of ethics and handle equipment properly.  Students who have successfully completed the program will be ready to sit for the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicain Inc. Exam for Phlebotomy Technician.  Graduates also receive a certificate of completion from New Start.

Medical Assistant 

English as a
Second Language

The Medical Assistant program is 610 program hours. The length of the Program is 23 weeks for day classes and 32 weeks for night classes.  The student will show to become proficient in the entire task areas related to the medical assistant. In this program we will prepared for employment possibilities in Medical Clinics, Hospital, Physician Office, Laboratories and other Health Care Facilities. The graduate of the Medical Assistant Program will perform skills for clerical duties as well with patient care. The student will have the knowledge of course requirement for this program.

Additional requirements such as Safety with Patients, HIPPA, Cardio Pulmonary Resesutation Universal Precautions, and Equipment safety also will be emphasize. The student will receive a diploma from New Start School. Upon completion they will take a test by the American Society of Plebotomy Technician

Physical Therapy Technician in English and Spanish

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College Program

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Our Mission

Welcome to New Start School! We have been offering health career education in the Rio Grande Valley since 1996 and are the second largest trainer of nurse assistants in the state of Texas. Nearly ninety-nine percent (98.7%) of our students have passed the state certification exam to become CNAs! 

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Students Success Stories

Gran experiencia de aprendizaje y crecimiento con personas muy preparadas..

Estudiar en New Start School es una bonita experiencia. Lo qué aprendes es para toda la vida. Ayudar al prójimo es sentirte útil. Felicidades!!!!

They have an amazing staff. Very friendly and helpful.

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