Medical Assistant job demand is on the rise. Learn how to work side-by-side with doctors, nurses and rest of the healthcare team to perform an array of clinical and administrative duties. Changes lives and make a difference by becoming a Medical Assistant.

The Medical Assistant program is 610 program hours. The length of the Program is 23 weeks for day classes and 32 weeks for night classes.  The student will become proficient in the all areas related to the medical assistant. In this program we will prepare you for employment possibilities in Medical Clinics, Hospital, Physician's Offices, Laboratories and other Health Care Facilities. Medical Assistant Program graduates will perform clerical and administrative duties as well as patient care. Additional requirements such as Safety with Patients, HIPPA, Cardio Pulmonary Resesutation Universal Precautions, and Equipment safety will be emphasized as well. The student will receive a diploma from New Start School. Upon completion they will take a test by the American Society of Plebotomy Technician